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Gelisim Alüminyum, established on an 2000 m² covered area in Istanbul with its well-qualified architectural design team of engineers & architects and specialized production team, produces façade cladding in its facility. Gelisim Alüminyum also manufactures façade cladding system profiles, aluminium frame profiles, structural silicone system profiles,all types of special design thermal insulated alüminium window system profiles,composite panels, aluminium louver, spider system glazed façade, security glass doors,fire exit doors, skylights and steel construction for all products.

Gelisim Alüminyum not only considers providing its each employee with health and occupational safety but also undertakes the full responsibility of it. The company obliges its employees to use hardhats, safety belt, gloves and all other equipments for their safety and it monitors all its employees in accordance with the occupational regulations in order to avoid even the least important occupational accidents and the company also obliges its employees to abide by all job instructions.

Owing to the flow of technical knowledge and experience over many long years, Gelisim Aluminyum produces client oriented solutions for every new project. Moreover, the company has been able to produce project or detail-based designs in a very efficient manner with the help of its own design team. Our initial step of running a project is to create the project on the idea basis, based on the required architectural design right after receiving the relevant order. The architects working in Project & Design Department run these projects through the latest technology. After the the project is approved by the client; the detailed measurement of the construction elements are taken, the drawings are completed, production process is completed and the project is implemented. As the last step, the requested flashing systems, carpentry, profile and other elements are determined, produced and installed accordingly.

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